Bloganuary Begins!

I entered January like turtle on a toy train instead of a glorious speed racer, set to conquer the world. With that said, I’m finally kicking off Bloganuary a few days late! This is and initiative from that sends daily prompts to your email to get folks writing on a regular basis in January. New year, new me! Since I’m behind schedule, I’m playing catchup by combining my posts. Let’s goooo!

But first, let’s set the mood. This is what I’m listening to today.

Day 1: What advice would you give your teenage self? 

Envision life beyond your circumstance; have an abundance mindset. My family didn’t become middle class until I was a teenager, so I couldn’t even imagine the concept of infinite potential. It wasn’t until I began traveling that I understood the vastness of the world and its resources.

Day 2: What is a road trip you would love to take?

There are so many on my list! I would love to do the original Dakar route through Africa, drive from Alaska to Argentina (Darien Gap and all), and drive from Nepal to Tibet.

Day 3: Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

I get taken out of my comfort zone everyday during the winter in my new house, which is a cabin in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. I grew up in the suburbs and have only lived in cities, so living in a cabin built in the 1970s and hauling firewood daily has been quite uncomfortable. But I’m not complaining!

Hauling firewood in the rain. I am far from comfortable.

Day 4: What was your favorite toy as a child?

I loved my stuffed polar bear Boo Boo. I had that little guy for years, but gave him up when I got to middle school.

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  1. Sam "Goldie" Kirk – A little bit of everything.

    Welcome to #Bloganuary. I hope you get to enjoy the prompts. I decided to give it a try, too.

    Cold rain is definitely not something I’m comfortable in either.

    1. Thank you! I’m enjoying the prompts so far.

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