Bloganuary: What’s On My Playlist Right Now

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I may have missed most of Bloganuary because of my schedule, but I could not pass this one up. There are few things I love more than creating playlists, so I have 100+. I create a playlist for summer, fall, trips, moods, and everything in between. Here’s a roundup of playlists that have been in rotation recently or often.

My Fall 2021 in Mexico City is a mix of songs that I heard while out in restaurants, coffeeshops, and bars; new releases; songs by Mexican artists; or just songs that I like.

Then there are playlists based on genres like 1990s hip-hop, early 2ks bangers, or that small window of post-flannel, pre-ironic t-shirt alternative rock. Live 105 circa 1995 anyone?! If anyone knows what happened to Beck and Soundgarden on Spotify let me know.

What the Golden Girls would’ve listened to on the lanai is a vibe of its own that needs to be appreciated. Dionne Warwick’s Heartbeaker?! Still slaps.

Remember the Elephant 6 Collective? Whatever happened to them? I call this playlist: “When I was Gen Z.” I thought I was so cool listening to these songs.

This week, I revisited a playlist that I made for a trip to the Atacama Desert in Chile to write a feature story about stargazing. Highly recommend for late night desert driving.

One of my favorite playlists has some of my favorite jazz albums and songs including my favorite album of all time — Kind of Blue.

This is another great jazz playlist that I made for long walks in New York City.

Can we give a nod to 1990s Brit Pop?

Here’s a playlist that I made for hanging out at my house.

And finally, a playlist for my home state of California. ❤️

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  1. Sam "Goldie" Kirk – A little bit of everything.

    Beck? Oh yea, that was a thing! Isn’t it weird how some of the artists we used to listen to are long forgotten?

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